Business Activities

PV OIL Lao’s business system currently consists of over 200 regular customers, divided into 02 main business types: Retail and Industrial commercial. Its yearly total sales volume reaches 120 million litres of fuel of several types, making PV OIL Lao one of the largest fuel traders of Lao PDR. Besides being a leading supplier regarding sales volume, PV OIL Lao is also highly reputable for its product quality, for all of its merchandising fuels are of Euro 4 Standard and above.

As for Retail segment, PV OIL Lao have always ranked among the top 5 fuel retailers of Lao PDR for the last few years. Its retail system covers 15/18 provinces nationwide with 121 Gas Stations, 6 of which is owned and operated by the Company while the others are contracted dealers. These stations not only provide fuel refill, but also operate accompanied services, including convenience stores, car check and car wash. Our annual retail sales volume is around 70 million litres. PV OIL Lao’ Stations are making effort to not only boost their sales volume but also improve customer service quality and brand identity.

Regards to Industrial Commercial, PV OIL Lao is now the fuel supplier for nearly 100 customers all over the country with their business fields range from resources mines, hydropower plants, rubber forests to brewery factories and so on. PV OIL Lao’s secondary transportation and distribution system allows us to provide products for customers in all cities and provinces, even the furthest ones in remote areas. Sales volume of PV OIL Lao to industrial customers totals around 50 million litres per year.